Our history

It was more than an ordinary birth back in late April 1972, when Bente and Poul Timmermann sat with a newborn boy in the delivery room while the purchase agreement at the small nursery at Skovgyden in Otterup was signed. It was a new start for the family with children as entrepreneurs with production of Hedera potted plants. The company expand from a single old wooden greenhouse to a 12,500 m2 modern greenhouse with the production of capsicum. In the 1980s a serious success with the grass species Scirpus, better known as Mrs. Heiberg’s hair, was produced on plastic tubes – a very distinctive product – that was synonymous with Gartneriet Timmermann and employed many people.

Spring is high season in the industry, but over the years many different initiatives have been experimented with; everything from Easter-decorated egg cups with grasses to mini plants in Christmas pots, and from champagne glasses with grasses and new year sign to glitter in “Mrs. Heiberg’s hair”. The strategy has always been to be adaptable, to inspire and to be inspired – which is why we like to participate in trade fairs and travel the world, and be professionally updated.

In 2009, we bought another nursery in Otterup to get more space. Together the two locations provide 23,000 m2 of production area under glass, and three large cold rooms and large packing halls with space for various machines and robots.

There are several generations of horticulture and fruit growers in the family, so it was quite natural that the daughter Tine became a flower decorator and Ole a gardener and production manager. Ole returned home to work in the family business, after a few years employed at three different nurseries in the USA, and in 2010 generational change was reality to take over the company. Today, the family meets daily at the dinner table, where Bente (died 2022) used to be in charge of the food during breaks, Poul is responsible for stock status and miscellaneous, and Tine is an important part of the team in the nursery. Ole is director and production planner, and his wife Sanne is responsible for marketing. The next generation has also all had part-time jobs in the nursery, while they are considering educational paths, where Sarah is in charge of cleaning and the Instagram profile, and Kevin is a working boy – and now study gardening.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2022, and we practice our profession with professional pride.