about us

The Timmermann nursery produces potted plants with over 140 different varieties, which are sold in several Danish Garden Centres and supermarkets and to the European market.

Sustainability and responsibility are not just a trend, but expected from our customers’ and our raison d’être for the future. Therefore, we continuously convert and optimise production methods like reduction of water, less heat and pesticides, and upgrade with rainwater and closed water systems, biological control and invest in heat-saving climate curtains and district heating. In bonus ­– it provides a better working environment.

A permanent team of skilled employees is the key to keep up quality and qualifications in the nursery over the years, and we also have several international members of staff in the company to step in especially in the busy season, when more hands are needed. It provides flexibility and professionalism, and now several of them have become trainee gardeners.

To have enough space, the production is in two locations, Skovgyden and Egeløkkevej, with a total of 23,000 m2 under glass. The young plants are produced in Kenya and other warmer parts of the world, before they are potted by a robot in the nursery here in Denmark and then spring up ready for sale.

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