The Timmermann Collection

We have more than 140 different varieties of potted plants within our collection, and we strive for excellence in every production.


Most popular in the garden – candy for the eye and fragrance for the nose. Many different Dianthus Caryophyllus.


Our popular and very lively Carex Brunnea ‘Sophia’ is avaliable for sale all year in several sizes. Have a look.

green Minis

Numerous varieties and color shades can vary depending on the season – and they are sold all year round. Mix’n’mach.


Our own plant breeding, and no two Lewisia plants are alike. Beautiful indoor and vinter-hardy outdoor.


Bring a small piece of the rainforests home with this little Chamaedorea Elegans palm.


Spice up your home or garden pots with our colorful chili plants.


The sculptural Selaginaella Apoda is sold all year round, giving a fresh and soft look in the home, and Martensii Variegata for the wintertime.


The feeling of forest floor – outside or inside the home with our different ferns. Available from week 36 until Christmas.

Solanum pseudocapsicum

Solanum pseudocapsicum

Commonly known as Winther Cherry, is an ornamental, evergreen perennial indoor houseplant.

Sesonal decorations

Be ready for next holidays and trends in season at the moment.

Show us your garden, we love to see how you use our plants, and we post inspiration on Instagram.

Inspiring gardens and terraces with colorful and luxuriant plants, feel like pure well-being for body and soul.

How would you like to live with plants indoor that produce fresh air and a vibranced environment?